As a seasoned fashion design professional, I possess 19 years of experience in both men's and women's apparel design. I bring a strong sense of creativity and innovation to each project, consistently seeking out new trends, styles, and fabrics with an unwavering focus on sustainability.

My passion for modern, authentic, informed design that resonates with consumers and drives business growth is second to none. I have a proven track record of successfully leading design teams in both wholesale and retail environments and am adept at researching and sourcing for trends, styles, and fabrics.

I excel at building cross-functional relationships among internal partners and fostering collaboration across design, merchandising, sales, production, and marketing groups. My strong communication and negotiation skills allow me to effectively work with external partners at the mill and factory level, serving as the key communication hub in development and production capacities.

I am an expert at overseeing product development from concept design through sketch, fabrication, wash, fit, and bulk sign-off, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of quality and design. My ability to adapt quickly to various situations has earned me a reputation for being a design generalist and pragmatist, always ready to take on new challenges.

My commitment to personal and professional growth is evident through completing a Master of Science in the Business of Fashion (M.S.B.F.) from Rutgers Business School. My skills in project management are unmatched, and my focus on trend analysis, customer research, and market insights has driven significant brand impact and sales growth.

As Design Director for Urban Outfitters, I collaborated with departmental leads to identify volume-driving programs, achieving outstanding sales results through cohesive category direction. My team management skills were tested as I successfully managed a team of six designers, streamlining design processes to build efficiency and react to in-season demands. I also developed core and fashion competencies across product ranges, resulting in higher margins and customer engagement through on-trend products.

During my tenure at D.K.N.Y. Men's Sportswear, I partnered with the Global Director to develop cohesive seasonal concepts integrating brand direction and company strategies. I was responsible for vendor communication, building robust working relationships, and facilitating collaboration. I conducted raw material research and innovation, identifying sustainability and cost-reduction opportunities while curating collections for multiple markets.

As Senior Designer for Calvin Klein Women's White Label, I conceptualized and executed the design and development of Women's Woven categories, ensuring the highest quality and alignment with the brand aesthetic. I also managed dual responsibility as design lead for Calvin Klein Jeans' special projects and off-price account products.

At Gap Inc, I served as design lead for women's soft woven categories, conducting extensive trend research and directing the creation and implementation of design concepts. Finally, as a Designer for Club Monaco, I focused on creative and trend-forward design, collaborating across categories on special projects to drive innovation and growth.

Through my leadership, collaboration, and vendor management expertise, I ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality products. I am skilled at adhering to critical milestones while driving for improved fit consistency and product quality, always striving to meet aesthetic and merchandise objectives. My expertise and experience make me an ideal candidate for any design leadership position in the fashion industry.


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